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How long will my Samsung repair take?

Most of our Samsung repairs last from 1 to 2 hours. Of course, there are some exceptional cases where a much more complicated repair is required so we will need more time to perform it. Especially motherboard repairs regularly last up to 7 working days.

How much will my Samsung repair cost?

The final price for each repair is shaped by a number of different variables such as the model, the type of damage and the cost of replacement parts determined by our suppliers. However, being the largest chain of electronic repairs centers in Greece, we are able to provide our customers the highest quality spare parts in a significant value for money price. Plus, the Samsung diagnostic is free in case we proceed with its repair. Furthermore, if your device needs more than one repair we provide a 20% discount on every second repair and a 50% discount on all additional repairs.

Is my phone and data safe?

When you give away your Samsung for a repair, it is essential for you to be ensured that your sensitive personal data is not exposed to any technician repairing it. Based on this fact, all iRepair stores are designed with the innovative concept of “Open View Service Area” which provides our customers the ability to keep an eye on their device while it is repaired.

Is the repair guaranteed?

The majority of our Samsung repairs are escorted by a warranty. This binds us with the responsibility to replace the spare part without any extra charge, in case of coming up with a dysfunctionality after the repair.

What kind of replacement parts are used?

Our top priority is to repair our customers’ devices the under the same care we would do for our own. We never stop researching for new suppliers and performing thorough quality assessment tests, in order to provide to our customers the highest quality Samsung spare parts, among with a guarantee.

Do you provide repairs for Samsung under warranty?

iRepair stores also operate as a drop off point for authorized Samsung repairs within the warranty provided by Samsung company. For as long as a repair is covered by your smartphone’s warranty, and throughout its lifespan, we ensure that it will always be functional and in an excellent condition.

Are your technicians certified?

Our tech eteam has years of experience and expertise in new technologies and are always complying with the manufacturer’s standards and the high repair standards set by iRepair. Their know-how never stops growing by establishing innovative repair methods for even the newest Samsung models. Our team also consists of some the most highly trained electronic engineers in motherboard repairs worldwide, with their success rate being more than 90%.