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Free diagnostic with written certification

Check your device and get a written certification from the iRepair Experts

Do you have a long-forgotten smartphone in your drawer and want to sell it to earn money? 

Increase the sale value of your smartphone and earn extra money with the written diagnostic certification you will receive from the iRepair Experts. The written certification gives credibility to you as a seller for the condition of the device you are selling and at the same time gives assurance to the potential buyer about the functionality and authenticity of the device he is interested in buying. 

Do you want to buy a used device and you want to make sure it is reliable and functional? 

Make sure that the device you are interested in buying is reliable, 100% functional with a guarantee that it will not show problems after its purchase and that the sale price is equal to its real value. 

Do you feel insecure that something is not working as it should and you want to ensure that it will not abandon you at some point? 

Does your device not work as it used to and do you notice problems while using it? For example, reduced battery life?  Bad or interrupted sound during calls? Blurry photos? 

If you feel that during the use of your device, your experience has changed and that some functions do not work as they used to, through the free diagnostic check you can make at any iRepair store, the device is evaluated and the issue that caused you problems during its use, is immediately identified. 

New FREE Diagnostic Service by iRepair Experts 

With iRepair’s new Free Diagnostic Service you have the answers you need on your hands, about the status of your device. The thorough quality control by the iRepair Experts combined with the application of the world-renowned diagnostic software NSYS, provides the most reliable solution for a comprehensive, fast, and thorough test of the device, with a detailed diagnostic report upon the status of the device and with a written certification. 

Service available at all the iRepair stores 

How is the audit process done? 

An iRepair Expert will make sure to check the external condition of your device and then with the use of the NSYS evaluation software will proceed to a full diagnostic check where any software or hardware problems in your device will be identified. The diagnostic process can be tested on iOS and Android devices, can be completed in just 5 minutes and a written quality control certification is provided by iRepair. 

The FREE Diagnostic Service is available at all the iRepair stores and the iRepair service points inside the Public stores.