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iPhone Battery Replacement

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Does your iPhone battery drain faster than normal? Is your iPhone shutting down unexpectedly even though it is charged? If your device faces these malfunctions and the iPhone battery health is questionable, you may need an iPhone battery replacement! At iRepair we replace your battery safely and reliably in no time and you can choose the spare parts of your repair! Choose from a premium battery with one-year warranty or Apple Genuine battery with a six-month warranty provided by iRepair. See below the battery replacement pricing for all iPhone models, select what’s best for you and we will replace your iPhone’s battery right away!

Can the iPhone’s battery be repaired?

If you are dealing with a battery problem on your iPhone, iRepair technicians are here to help you. You don’t have to schedule an appointment, just visit your closest iRepair store and we will run a diagnostic on your iPhone, inform you about the repair cost and then replace your battery on the spot.

When should I replace my iPhone battery?

Your iPhone battery will need replacement if it is running out faster than the ordinary or it is swollen, if your iPhone isn’t charging or it turns off before its battery reaches 1% or even if it doesn’t turn on at all. The best thing to do is to replace your battery when its health reaches 85% and below. To check your battery health on your device go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health.

How long does an iPhone battery replacement take?

The battery replacement takes only 20 minutes for any iPhone model. The repair time might be slightly altered in case of increased workload due to your visit on any of our stores. In any case you will always be informed about the exact repair time from our technicians beforehand.

How much does an iPhone battery replacement cost?

The cost of the battery replacement is mainly determined by the iPhone model, if it is a new or an old one. iRepair offers a low price warranty for the iPhone battery repair in order to ensure that our customers get the best prices available on the market.

Does the iPhone battery repair come with a warranty?

The iPhone battery replacement is accompanied by a 2 year warranty. In this way we declare to our customers that in case the new battery is malfunctioning after the repair we take full responsibility and replace it with a new spare part without any additional cost.

Do you provide iPhone repairs under warranty?

iRepair is also a drop off point for authorized iPhone repairs, which means that if your repair is covered by Apple’s warranty, you can use the authorized services and replace your battery free of charge. In this case please note that you must keep a backup of your personal data before you hand in your device.

What kind of replacement parts are used on iPhone battery replacement?

Aiming to provide the best quality repairs, we always use high quality parts. We never stop performing research among our suppliers and thorough quality assessment tests, in order to have at our disposal the best quality iPhone spare parts to use for our customers’ devices.