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Galaxy S4 mini Repair

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Product information and repair:

​The Galaxy S4 mini was released in May 2014. It has a similar design to the previous model, the S3 mini, but it has considerable hardware upgrades, and a slightly larger screen. At iRepair most of our Galaxy S4 mini repairs can be completed in few hours. We understand that your Galaxy is an essential tool in your daily life and you want it repaired as quickly as possible… we make that happen!

We can replace almost any part of your Galaxy S4 mini. We are experts at repairing water damaged Galaxy phones and any other chip level repairs on the motherboard. Even if you have been told your Galaxy is not repairable, in most cases we can fix it!

All iRepair service areas are specifically designed to be open, in direct view of our customers. Whether you are just curious to see how its done or you want to be absolutely sure your personal data remains personal, at iRepair you can keep an eye on your device during your repair. Why does your Galaxy need to be taken behind a closed door for repair anyway?

If you wish, we can activate the “Maintenance Mode”. In this way, your data will be hidden, while at the same time our technicians will be able to do all the necessary technical checks on your device.