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Terms and Conditions


I give iRepair the right to collect, use and process my personal data so they can effectively operate and provide the best experiences with their services. I give iRepair the right to use my personal data to contact me through email, phone calls and SMS messages. I accept that iRepair will keep my personal data on their servers indefinitely to track previous repairs and warranty periods. I give iRepair the right to share my data with partners and affiliates for any reason that has to do with my repair. I understand that I have the right to ask iRepair to give me a copy of my personal data that they hold and can ask to have my personal data deleted from their server at any time.


I accept the minimum charge of ten euros (10,00 €). This is the diagnostic cost for our technician to accurately find the fault and calculate the cost of the repair. The above charge will apply ONLY when I do not wish to proceed to repair my device or if my device is irreparable. If I proceed with repairing my device I will be charged the repair cost only.


I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to backup all data and other personal information on the device before I leave (prior to leaving it) it for repairing and I declare that I absolve iRepair from any responsibility in case of partial or total loss of data or information.


I accept that the warranty provided by iRepair covers ONLY the part or parts which have been repaired or replaced on my device. I declare that I absolve iRepair of the responsibility for other parts that may fail in the future. I also recognize that this warranty will NOT cover any new fault caused by water or other liquid, broken screen or back side of my device or any other form of accidental damage caused after the initial repair. Finally, I accept that iRepair will place a warranty sticker inside my device and if it is altered in any way, the warranty on my device will be voided.


I agree that if my device remains in an iRepair store for more than 90 days from the date of the repair registration, this device will be considered abandoned and will either be recycled or sold to cover repair costs. In case I do not seek my device within this time period, I absolve iRepair of any responsibility for loss of the device or of its data.


I accept that when handing my device in for repair to any iRepair store, the manufacturer warranty may (will) be voided and therefore I acknowledge that iRepair has no responsibility for the loss of initial warranty. I have been informed that if I want to keep the original manufacturer warranty, or if I prefer to have my device checked, repaired or replaced by an authorized service, iRepair is entitled to send my device to an authorized service. I accept that in case my device is sent to an authorized service the time of repair or replacement will be longer and I acknowledge that iRepair is not in any way responsible for any additional delay that the authorized service may cause. I have been informed and I’m aware that iRepair is not an authorized service, but it is an authorized drop off point for authorized repairs or replacements by the authorized service.


iRepair is part of Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program, for out of warranty Apple products, for repairs with Apple Original parts. Prior to the selection of the specific service by the customer, the latter was sufficiently and in detail informed by the iRepair employee about the specific service and in particular: About the repair time, cost, spare part to Apple and on the general pricing policy (no discount policy applicable, no refund, no refund of deposit). The customer fully accepted the terms and conditions of this service. Specifically, the customer was fully informed in writing and gave his approval for the use of a third party spare part, and that in the event of damage caused by a third party spare part, then such damage may be excluded from Apple’s warranty. The repairs made through the Apple IRP program will be excluded from Apple’s warranty and iRepair may provide its own warranty.


I accept that my device has physical damage and/or does not function normally. I also recognize that due to the nature of electronic devices and faults due to dropping liquids or other cause, a new and different fault may occur after repairing my device. Therefore, I do not hold iRepair responsible for faults that may arise in the future after this current repair. I also accept that the maximum liability limit of iRepair associated with the repair of my device is limited to the total amount I paid for this repair and iRepair bears no responsibility for indirect or other faults that may occur in the future.


I agree that if my device has water damage or other liquid damage or has some other physical damage, the device will have 180 days warranty from the date of repair, which will cover ONLY the specific new or refurbished part or work to which it was submitted. Also, since in some cases due to the liquid damage made, there is a possibility of gradual corrosion on the device, I absolve iRepair from any responsibility regarding future fault on other parts/components of the apparatus, which may occur after the repair. If such issues occur within the 180-day warranty period and I decide not to proceed with additional repairs, iRepair will refund the money I paid for the initial repair except the diagnostic cost which is ten euro (10,00 €). In this case, I accept that iRepair will remove from my device a part or parts used for repairing and my device will be returned to me in original condition, if possible, since in some cases the device may no longer be operating. I recognize that during repairs on motherboards the protective shields are removed, they will be replaced with insulating before the device is returned.


I accept and agree with the description of the condition of my device as indicated on the front of this form. If my device is not functional after the repair or remains stuck in recovery mode or if my device does not recover its functions at 100%, I accept that my device will be returned to me in the condition it will be at that time, due to the inability to repair. I have read, understood and agree to the above mentioned terms. I declare that I have collected my device from iRepair.


I accept and grant the right to iRepair to send, at its discretion and if necessary, my device either to its Central Laboratory or to a partner company for further diagnosis and specialized repair. I have been informed that the above shipment, if necessary, will be carried out by recognized and reputable postal service companies or courier services and I accept that iRepair is not responsible in any way for any delays on their part.