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Are you a technology enthusiast? Are you excited to know firsthand the structure and the internal functions of a PC or a smartphone? Would you like to work among people that love technology as much as you do? Then maybe a job at iRepair is the ideal job for you! We are always looking for the brightest, friendliest, and hardest working technicians that we can find!

Qualifications we require from our technicians:

Excellent customer service
You need to get in touch with customers on an everyday basis and be able to explain all repairs and technical terms to them in an easy and understandable way. You must keep customers informed about their repairs and complete the repairs as fast as possible with the highest standards possible.

Strong background
We only hire the best! You don’t have to know everything about every repair that we perform, we can train you for something you don’t already know, but you must be an expert in most of the repairs we offer. A minimum experience of 2 years in a similar job is a must.

High quality & fast repairs
It is essential that our technicians provide the fastest service. Our customers expect the best from us, and that is why we try to provide them with 100% of our time.

You can send us your CV at: [email protected] .