Laptop Memory Upgrade

Is your laptop running slow when multiple programs are open? Want an easy way to add a few more years of life to your laptop? As new software is released it is designed for newer laptops with much more memory. Older laptops usually don't have enough memory to run these programs effectively. We can upgrade your laptop RAM and give you the ability to run the latest software and give your laptop a big overall power boost!
Repair time:
We can usually upgrade your memory in under 20 minutes.
Memory replacement/upgrade service price:
The service price includes installing new memory in your laptop. The price of the RAM modules is not included in the price.
You need our laptop memory upgrade/replacement service if:
  • you want to upgrade your laptop memory
  • 1 or more of your laptop memory modules are not working and need to be replaced

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Online customer support

If you have any question about your device and need some information about a repair, chat online with our customer service or a representative of the iRepair technical team.