Windows Installation on Laptop

Installing Windows and finding all the correct drivers can be difficult on a laptop. If you use the wrong drivers when you install Windows, components on your laptop may not work right, may work slower or may not work at all. When we install Windows on a laptop we make sure we use the most up to date drivers available for your device. We can also backup all of your old data and return the backup in the new Windows installation. We will also install any other software that you have a license for.

Repair time:

We can install Windows for you usually in just a few hours if you don't require a backup of files. If you need to backup your data, it can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the backup.

Windows installation service price:

The service price includes installing windows, the latest drivers, useful freeware utilities and software plus any software you have licenses for. There is an extra charge of €16.26 + VAT if you want your data backed up and returned in your new Windows installation.

You need to reinstall Windows if:
  • your laptop is slow and you want a new Windows installation
  • you want to downgrade to another version of Windows
  • you want to upgrade to another version of Windows
  • your current Windows installation is corrupted

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Online customer support

If you have any question about your device and need some information about a repair, chat online with our customer service or a representative of the iRepair technical team.