Laptop Data Recovery Service

If your hard drive has stopped working or your laptop can no longer read or recognize your hard drive, we can get your data back for you 98% of the time.
Repair Time:
We can usually recover your data in 1-7 days depending on the exact damage to your hard drive.
Data Recovery Service Price:
The €48.78 service price is for data recovery using software only. If your hard drive needs 3rd level data recovery, opening your hard drive in a clean room, we will give you a quote on the cost before we begin the repair.
You need data recovery service if:
  • your hard disk is no longer working
  • your hard disk has been accidentally formatted
  • you have accidentally deleted important files and need them back

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Online customer support

If you have any question about your device and need some information about a repair, chat online with our customer service or a representative of the iRepair technical team.