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iPhone 14 Pro Lightning Connector Repair

Is the lightning port on your iPhone not working properly? Is your iPhone not charging or not recognized by a computer? Did liquid get inside your iPhone and damage the lightning port? Do you need a fast and affordable solution to fix your lightning connector? That is what you get at iRepair!

Repair Time: 

We can fix your lightning port while you wait, usually in about 45 minutes. If you send your iPhone using our free courier service, the lightning port will be fixed, tested and sent back to you the same day it arrives in our service center.

About the lightning port:

The lightning port is located on the dock flex cable. The dock flex cable controls the lightning port, microphone, headphone jack and the GSM antenna. This repair will fix problems with one or more of these functions. Since we replace this whole flex cable, our lifetime guarantee covers all of these functions.

What is included: 

Our service price includes the replacement dock flex cable, professional installation and a lifetime guarantee.

Replace your lightning port if:

  • your device is not charging at all.
  • it is physically broken or has liquid damage.
  • your phone is not recognized by iTunes.
  • you can’t plug in the charging cable into your iPhone

*There is a small chance that a charging problem with your phone is a problem with the motherboard. Don’t worry, we can fix that too. We will inform you after a quick diagnosis if the problem is the lightning port or the motherboard. There is a price difference between the two repairs and we will inform you of any additional costs before we start the repair.

What we do in this repair:
  • Your iPhone 14 Pro Lightning Connector will be fully checked before the repair in order to detect any other problems it may have.
  • We will professionally remove the damaged part from your iPhone 14 Pro Lightning Connector and fix it or install a new one.
  • We will fully test your iPhone 14 Pro Lightning Connector after the repair before returning it to you.
  • You get a lifetime warranty on this repair covering both parts and labour.

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