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Product information and repair:

​iPhone SE was released on March 31, 2016 and serves as an iPhone 5S replacement for those who prefer a smaller screen and a lower-cost option. The iPhone SE features a 4-inch screen, and although it looks almost similar to the iPhone 5S, it combines features from the high-end iPhone 6S. The upgraded technical features of iPhone SE are a powerful 64-bit A9 processor and a 12 MPixel camera which captures incredible photos and 4K videos. Compared with the 5S, iPhone SE provides to users longer battery life and faster speed in a LTE wireless network environment and Wi-Fi.

We are fully aware that your iPhone is an essential tool that is hard for you to dispatch from. You want it repaired as soon as possible and we make that happen by repairing your device in no time!

At iRepair, our expert technicians can repair almost all water damage and fix most other chip level motherboard problems. Even if you have been told your iPhone SE is not repairable, bring it to us, in most cases we will fix it!

All iRepair service areas are specifically designed to be open, in direct view of our customers. So if you are curious to see how the repair is done or you want to be absolutely sure your personal data remains personal, at iRepair, you can keep an eye on your iPhone SE during the repair. Why does your iPhone need to be repaired behind a closed door anyway?