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Laptop Repair

  • Overheating 
For months my laptop was in meltdown mode. It was terribly slow and I was getting error messages and frequent shutdowns. Since my whole life is on it I was desperate for a better solution because I didn’t want to say goodbye to my laptop or my files. iRepair saved all my precious files and now my computer is really fast! I recommend them without any hesitation. You guys are fantastic!

Katerina M., Chalandri

23 / Oct / 2014

iPhone 5 Repair

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Dock Connector Replacement
My iPhone 5 took a dive in the deep end of the pool and it never crossed my mind that it could be saved! Congratulations, yου fixed it!

Manos P., Thessaloniki

23 / Oct / 2014

iPhone 6 Repair

  • Screen Replacement
I just can’t part with my iPhone … I can’t do anything without it! When my screen broke I went to iRepair feeling helpless. They replaced the screen incredibly fast in only 15 minutes!!! I was relieved, excited and grateful! Thank you is not enough!

Angela K., Peristeri

23 / Oct / 2014

Desktop Repair

  • Virus Removal
  • Install Anti-Virus
When I'm in trouble iRepair has always been my first choice. They repair everything incredibly fast and at a low cost. Most importantly they are experts who value their clients. I couldn't be happier, the service and the outcome was fantastic.

Savas V., Argiroupoli

23 / Oct / 2014

iPad Air Repair

  • Screen Replacement
I dropped my iPad and completely shattered the screen. Ι was leaving town for a business trip the next day and I didn't know if I could get it repaired in time. A friend recommended iRepair and saved my life! Amazingly, one hour later I had my iPad in my hands again! Now I'm telling anyone I know to go to iRepair! 

Thanos G., Acharnes

09 / Mar / 2015

Galaxy S4 Repair

  • Ear Speaker Replacement
All of a sudden I couldn’t hear clear on my Galaxy S4. iRepair offered me a fast and affordable solution and they fixed the ear speaker while I was drinking my coffee in the store! Amazing customer service!

Yannis R., Nea Smyrni

09 / Mar / 2015

Macbook Repair

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Keyboard Replacement
iRepair is the Mac Hospital ER! When a glass of wine fell on my MacBook pro I took it straight to them. It was amazing they brought it back to life in one day! Thank you! 

Vanesa D, Voula

23 / Oct / 2014

iPhone 5s Repair

  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Front Camera Replacement
Responsive, honest, efficient, professional. I would recommend iRepair anytime.

Vasilis F., Marousi

23 / Oct / 2014

iPhone 4s Repair

  • Battery Replacment

My iPhone was constantly closing with more than 35% battery left. That was very annoying as you might imagine! They changed the battery fast and efficiently in front of me in just 5 minutes! How cool is that? I should have considered changing my battery sooner! 

Manos L. Piraeus

02 / Feb / 2015


Repairs.... and counting!

Why Choose iRepair

20 Minutes Repairs

Most of the repairs that we offer can be completed in 20 minutes or less so they can be completed while you wait. Check our website for approximate time for your specific repair.

Lowest Prices

iRepair is largest chain of electronic repair centres in Greece so we are able to buy parts in large quantities and pass the savings to our customers.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our parts and the expertise of our technicians that we give our customers a lifetime guarantee on almost all our repairs.

Chip Level Repairs

We have some of the best specialized technicians trained at chip level electronics repairs in the world. That means we can repair just about any device motherboard. If your device is wet, smashed or has some other motherboard damage, we can usually fix it!

Up to 75% Savings

When a device breaks, sometimes multiple part needs to be replaced. We give you 50% off the 2nd part we replace and then 75% each additional part.

Personal Privacy Protected

Your device holds your pictures, messages, bank accounts, website passwords and more. We don't believe your device needs to go behind a closed door to to be repaired. All iRepair locations are designed to have the technicians in open view so you can keep an eye on your device.

High Quality Repairs

Expert technicians, the highest quality parts and a thorough testing procedure before and after the repair gives our customers the highest quality repair available.

Expert Technicians

Our iRepair certified technicians are electronics experts and have been trained and tested in all device repairs. They are continuously being trained in new repairs and repair processes that are up to the highest iRepair standards.

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