iRepair Open View Service

iRepair Open View Service changes the electronic service rules.

Your private data is very sensitive. Whether you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone it will contain a mix of your bank accounts, credit card numbers, emails, contacts, messages, passwords, pictures, videos and other private data.

When you take your device for repair, your personal private data is readily available to anyone working on your device. You give your password and hope for the best as they take your device and disappear behind a closed door or into a back room to repair it.

Your data is now at risk!

Why take the risk?

iRepair Open View Service takes all risk out of your private data being compromised during your repair.

iRepair Open View Service is an innovative concept found at all 27 iRepair locations - and nowhere else!
(Until someone copies us!)

All iRepair service areas are purposely built in direct view of our customers. There are no closed doors or back rooms at iRepair. You can watch your device while it is being repaired. Never again experience the anxiety or insecurity about what could be happening to your private data.

If your private data remaining private is important to you, which it should be… don’t take the risk, bring it to iRepair!


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