Data Recovery Service

Did your hard drive just quit? Did you accidentally delete files or format your hard drive? Is your hard drive seem like its working but there are no files on it? Bring your disk to iRepair, we have a 98% success rate and recovering files from damaged hard drives.

Make sure you choose the right company first to recover your data. If you try unsuccessfully to recover data you may not get a second chance to recover it. In some cases the damage caused by an unsuccessful attempt can make it impossible for anyone to recover your data.

iRepair offers data recovery on a full range of hard drives and operating systems including Windows and Mac. We can recover data from SATA, SAS, SSD and SCSI hard drives in all makes and models of laptops, desktops and servers.

What will it cost to recover my data?

The cost depends on the type of damage your hard drive has. We classify hard drive data loss in two categories, logical failure and mechanical failure.

Logical failure is when the hard drive seems to be working but some or all files and data can't be found due to a lost partition or accidental formatting. The data on these disks are usually able to be recovered using software tools and does not require opening the disk. If your hard drive has a logical failure and we are going to recover your data using software only, pricing starts at €48.78 + vat and can go up to €130.08 + vat depending on the amount and type of damage on your disk.

Mechanical failure means that the hard drive is not functioning, or making strange noises when you try to power it on. The most common causes for a hard drive to stop working are head crashes or motor failures. If your hard drive has a mechanical failure, pricing starts at 284.55 + vat. Pricing could go higher if we have to purchase new parts to install in your hard drive. In this repair your hard drive will be opened in a clean room environment and parts will be replaced in most cases. We will let you know of any additional costs before we begin any data recovery.

If you have a RAID array, please call us for pricing.

Is there a charge if you can't recover my data?

If you bring your hard drive to an iRepair location there will be no charge for an unsuccessful recovery. If you sent the device with courier, we picked it up from your home or office or you decide not to go ahead with the data recovery, there will be a €10 service fee.

How long does it take to recover my data?

Data recovery can take anywhere from 1-10 days.

Free online backup with every data recovery service

If you have a successful data recovery at iRepair, we will give you a free, one year online data backup for your computer or laptop with 2 terabytes of storage space. You will never have to use our data recovery service again!

If you have a question let us help you.